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Amplify Your Next Event!

Generate Thousands of Social Media Impressions

Any Event: Retail, Clubs, Theaters, Sports

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Create Instant Photos
Social Media Buzz
At Your Next Event!

Let consumers share your brand and events
on their social networks.

Enhance your reach of social media views of your event, WHILE IT IS HAPPENING

Branded Photos

Instantly share your event on your participant’s social networks with your Branded logo

Social Amplification

Event photos appear on Facebook newsfeeds & timelines increasing the reach exponentially

Impact & Benefits

Share your events and your culture with Branded photos instantly uploaded on Social Media sites

Photo Driven Social
Amplification for your Event

  • Generate thousands of photo impressions, while your event is happening!
  • Drive MORE traffic to your brand’s Facebook page
  • Increase Facebook Fan page Likes and activity
  • Enhanced social media content with “likes,” comments and shares by viewers

Your event-goers will share “real-time” information from your brand’s event with their social networks.

Event Analytics and Reach

Comprehensive social reporting, upon request, so you can quantify your return on investment (ROI).

We provide stats on not only the amount of photos taken, but also on photo reach, consumer engagement with photos (like, comments, shares).

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